Local Catch: The fish of the Florida Panhandle
& Alabama Gulf Coast

Speckled Trout:

Known as speck, specks or trout. A year round catch. One of the most sought after ultra light fishing experiences!

Red Fish:

Known as bull redfish, bull red fish, red drum, red, and drum. Light tackle fishing at its finest!

Blue Fish:

Known as bluefish. The piranha of the sea! Great on light tackle.

Gag Grouper:

Known as Gag Grouper. One of the tastiest fish in the sea!

Spanish Mackeral:

Known as Spanish. Great on ultra light.

Black Drum:

Kin to the redfish and fights as hard!


Year round fish and great tasting! They can be caught on hook or by flounder gigging or gigging.


The silver dollars of the Emerald Coast! Often called the “Blue Ghost”. Ultralight and sight fishing at its finest!